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Youtube excruciatingly slow since 9/29

Everything else loads quick, just Youtube and other Google-related services have gotten slower.

Talked to a rep who scheduled a service call. Just before the appointment, a cox tech called back and had me check my speeds on as well as my SNR levels on the cable modem to prove my connection is fine--and give me the passive-aggressive "hey, if the tech doesn't find anything, he'll have no choice but to chalk it up to user error and charge you 75 dollary-doos! Thanks for the heads up.

But this can't continue. I can't even stream Youtube past 480p on a 50 mbit connection. C'mon son. Step your game up.

I'm under the cap and my account is in good standing. Fix those Google routes on your servers, boys.

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    Hi cyxceven,

    I know this can be frustrating, especially when it's only a few sites. By chance have you cleared your cookies, cache, and browsing history?