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Your spam filter **!

I couldn't find one of the many posts I've seen about this that I could add to so am starting new. 

We all know this is bad & cox is using us #cheap labor to build it, but this just frosts me!

i placed an Amazon order last weekend. AMAZON! Who orders from Amazon coming up on Christmas?! 

Evey email I've received on the 3 items ordered...ack, has shipped, etc...EVERY email has gone into my spam folder. I have sent EVERY emails with full headers to "thisisnotspam" and today there was my spam folder. 

But, when someone...NOT AMAZON wants me to "win an Amazon gift card..." THAT comes direct to my inbox.

I mark as "not spam" in my webmail besides sending to "this is not..." And still...ALL OF IT! Make this stop before Christmas!!! The filter is backwards!

and I pay cox how much every month for this inconvienece and frustration???

oh, and how much would it cost cox to allow their screens to enlarge to something readable on a tablet? 

Really superior service there. A leader in the industry. NOT!

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  • i have turned on NO filters. and i found out about the "thisisnotspam" thing by reading other posts. i am obviously not alone. 

    EVERY single amazon email i have gotten this season has gone there, and i mean MANY, including another one tonight. in spite of the fact that i flag it as NOT spam, transfer it into my inbox, download to my email client and THEN send it...with full headers ...and increasingly abusive language i'm afraid, to "" WHY can't this company get this spam filter under control??

    what does it take to make this stop?  should i turn it off till after christmas?  how do i do that?  is that safe? it does sometimes catch stuff that is obviously not good.

  • oh, and your 3rd party is not doing it's job again.  i got no notice that anyone had responded to this post. 

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    FWIW I have had no issues with the Cox SPAM filters since I implemented the suggestion by Dustin in this thread. I have received legitimate email(s) from Amazon just fine while filtering out the SPAM emails.

    Hope you find a solution to your issues...

  • well, so far not working.  have tried a different set up & we'll see. why didn't this "improvement" (NOT) come with instructions??

  • @socal transplant

    You can find online information and help about our webmail service at


    Allan - Cox Support Forums specialist

  •  i finally called cox tech

    last night, got elevated to level 2 (woo hoo!) and today got a request for more information. of course, by the time i called back, some one had closed the ticket (they must get a bonus or something), even tho they never talked to me. so the gal i got today took me on a little tour (more in depth than the "guided tour") and much to my surprise, we found that there was an ENTIRE PAGE of blocked senders.  most of which i have no clue who they are. none of which i had blocked. except one.

    this area trumps any filters you make and sure enough, amazon, paypal, ebay...were all there.  i trashed them & now we'll see what happens.  i have orders on amazon that should ship soon. let's see where that goes. 

    they need to get this gal to do a video we can watch! and they should have warned about this in the first palace. no idea how these sites got blocked here. boy do i feel safe!

    p.s. i had set up my filter properly and followed dustin's suggestion, but to no avail.

  • Hello,

    Thanks for letting us know that you were able to get the assistance you needed and was able to discover this blocked senders list.  Hopefully this will resolve all the concerns, if not please let us know and we will be happy to assist you anytime.