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Your HDTV does not support HDCP Please use the YPrPb component connection to watch television.

My HDTV was working just fine since I got it 2 months ago. I am now getting this error message. Sometimes I can rectify it, other times not. I read the below answer to a similar questions. If I have to 'swap the cable receiver' I would need a technician to come out and do this? I have tried everything else. KipK Posted by KipK 3 Sep 2013 5:02 PM In a nutshell: There was some kind of error on the HDMI connection between your TV and your receiver. HDMI outputs a perfect digital copy of the program you're watching, so the signal is encrypted. The TV and the receiver have to exchange a security "handshake" before you see anything. That's HDCP. Wikipedia can explain it better than I can. If for some reason the two devices lose touch, you may get that error. You may not be able to tell whose fault it is - the TV may have a brief glitch, or the receiver, or it could be a bad HDMI cable - but what you did is the proper process to fix it. Power-cycle everything and the handshake is renewed. If the error recurs, the steps to follow (in order of severity), would be to double-check your HDMI plugs, try a different HDMI port on the TV if there's one available, replace the HDMI cable, then swap the cable receiver. -- Kip K. - Cox Support Forums Moderator

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    No.  You can exchange your cable box at a Service Center, take it home and connect it yourself.  Hopefully, for your inconvenience, they'll toss in a free HDMI cable.  That way, if the error message returns with your current cable, you can try swapping it with a new cable.

    If the error still returns, perhaps a firmware update for your TV addressed the problem.