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Yet another issue with the new email system

As of today, I've started getting error when sending an email with several BCC addresses.

"2147220975:  The message could not be sent to the SMTP server.  The transport error code was 0X800ccc6d.  The Server response was 552 5.2.0 zZqA1v00J2K3c7f01Zqhza internal error."

Looking up the 552 error on the error code page tells me it is a problem with an attachment. However, this is a simple text message with no attachments. (Invitation to a party for a list of friends)

I've done this exact same thing for months with different text content and different BCC addresses without any problem.

And before you ask, yes I can log into webmail and send individual messages.  Webmail is not an option for me, other than for occasional use when traveling. 

And while I'm here, is there any progress on the mail forwarding issue that has been a problem since the beginning of this "improved" system.

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  • Hi Rolltop,

    What email utility are you using? (Example: Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Mac Mail, etc.)

  • We to are having an issue sending and forwarding emails from multiple computers. What I find odd is if I switch over the my backup AT&T wireless connection the emails all go through without issue. This has been a thorn in our sides for awhile now.

    I take it that this a priority and is being investigated/corrected currently at COX?

    We are using Thunderbird email client but if we switch over to Outlook we get the same result. Failure.

    And yes... I have de-energized both the cable modem and wireless router. 

  • Hi eminiR2k, are you able to login to the Cox web site and access your emails using Web Mail? Are you able to send/receive and forward emails from there?
  • Yes we can but like the original poster above "rolltop" this is not a viable solution as it is way to slow and archaic to use in a business setting.

  • I was going to post an image but it appears I cannot...

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    I'm using a custom routine written in Visual Basic that uses standard Microsoft CDO email functions, so as far as you are concerned it should behave like Outlook.   I keep my email addresses in a small database so I can easily select the people I want to contact.

    Given that I've been using this routine for over a year with no problems at all until yesterday, it would appear something has changed on your end.

    By the way I clicked the box that indicates I want forum replies emailed to me.  I have not received any from this thread in spite of the fact that there have been some.  I just happened to login today to check the forums.  Looks to me like Cox has some serious problems going on with email.

  • It does not matter ~ whether one or a few ~ same results. In fact, this morning I had to change the wireless over to AT&T and it immediately went through (sent).

    This email error is definitely on Cox's side. And it has become more than frustrating.

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    emini,  I agree.  I am getting a popup saying that my message could not be sent; asking me did I want to "Try Later".   Last time this happened,  Cox later explained that it was their problem. 

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    So how many is "large group" of people? I was trying to send to roughly 12 or 15.

    I repeat THIS WAS WORKING FINE BEFORE a few days ago and I have not changed anything.

    If it is the spam filters, then why does it say error 552 which is a bad attachment.  There are no attachments to the emails, just plain text.

    And I'm still not getting emailed replies to forum posts even though I checked the box.

  • Cox ~ do you all have a brain? 

    We all-of-a-sudden are getting duplicate emails ~ every one of them ~ and none of them are being forwarded to the secondary email account!  So I thought let me check webmail and see if they are being duplicated there. Nope. But to my surprise there is a whole new interface ~ and all my webmail filters are gone. And to top that all off the filter that was needed was changed to the same email address that the original emails were being sent to.


    We keep asking ourselves should we just move on from Cox ~ you know ~ cut the cord.

    Just another nail in the Cox coffin...