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Yes another Data Meter Question....

so I have several questions about this new data metering plan... I am on autopay paperless billing so I didn't see a timely notification, however I see a great many issues: 1. Looking at the Monthly Data Usage, my usage has doubled over the past 4 months and it should have gone down as I have less people in my house now. Can I see Data Usage previous to the past 4 months? Or Historical Data Usage? 2. I see a lot of reference to a Netforecast audit of your data meter, but the only thing I can find is a 2 year old audit of a different data meter. Can you post a link to a current one? I just find it highly suspicious that my internet usage has doubled the same month you implement data caps...

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    Hi, take a look at this site: .  Hopefully, that will answer your questions and provide an insight along with some additional helpful info.  Let us know should have any additional concerns.