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years later, remote delays and lockups still prevalent

Is there any chance Cox might actually look into this horrific problem?

The Contour remote periodically stops working. You can tell that it's reaching the box because that nasty "I'm ignoring you" green light on the contour shines every time you hit a button. It just thinks about responding to the request and comes back with "maybe, maybe not, maybe in five minutes."

This is especially infuriating when you're trying to rewind or fast forward. It might accept the command to rewind, but will completely ignore the command to stop rewinding and will just go back either to the beginning or to as  long as the buffer allows. Then it laughs at you as you try to get back to where you were, ignoring the button pushes, occasionally responding to 20 previous pushes all at once.

This might go on for a day. It might go on for weeks. Then it magically cures itself (hint, something you guys are periodically doing is effecting the boxes. I'll bet you can figure out by the timing of all the complaints all over the internet. It's called "failure analysis" and you might find it fun, if you try it).

Cox has known about this problem FOR YEARS and every time it's brought up, instead of saying "Oh, we know about this, we just don't care" they BLAME THE USER.

So to circumvent the many ways Cox will blame me for this ubiquitous problem:

- the batteries in the remote were replaced TWO DAYS AGO

- the box was rebooted TWO DAYS AGO

- Which model number box do I have? I have no idea and you know darned well it either makes no difference or you already know which box I have, because it's the one that has had this problem for many, many years.

- no, replacing the box won't help. People have tried it. You already know that, you're just trying to distract us from the fact that you have a problem you don't want to solve.

I understand this might be the lowest problem on your priority list, what with all the effort to throttle my internet speeds on accident because someone with a similar account number went over their quota. I never have. Not once.

Just do the right thing. Just once. Fix the problem. Because the rage that is driven by that remote is going to give me a stroke.

Save a life. Be honorable. Be honest.

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  • Hello KayRock,

    If the receiver ceases to respond to the remote, I recommend unplugging the power to the Contour 2 receiver for 20 seconds and allow the reset to complete.