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I've had Cox with Contour for a few months now and have had NOTHING but issues. I'll spare the details but the latest one is my recording are "not available right now." I actually got the error message WHILE WATCHING A RECORDING and haven't been able to access them since.

What is the deal?

Yes, I've rebooted....

Yes, I've unplugged....

NOTHING seems to help. I have many recordings that (for some reason) I am no longer able to watch. All I get is error XRE-06014.

I can't believe that I am wasting my hard earned money on this GARBAGE...

It has been over 24 hours since I was able to watch a recording. All of a sudden, they just AREN'T AVAILABLE.

Come on Cox. Get with it.

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  • Hello Tadpole,

    I apologize for the delay. Thanks for the error message. We may need to take a closer look at your account. If this error is still happening, please email us at with your service address and name.

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    The Contour platform now uses DOCSIS in order for the Contour box to "talk" to Cox, unlike before which used a system called OOB. You don't need to know what either of those are, but the point is DOCSIS requires more/better signal. Also, they use a separate system called MoCA for the boxes to talk to each other. These two things combine mean you have to have REALLY good wiring all throughout your house. One bad splitter can mess everything up.

    I would suggest  a technician to come out and check your wiring, make sure it's MoCA compatible and good signal. It would have been better if it was done within a month of the install so they got docked for the re-install, but hopefully the technician will be able to solve it either way.