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XRE-03059 error on various channels

I get the XRE-03059 error and a message about "channel not available" on different channels on different days. Sometimes it's the Weather channel, sometimes its the DIY channel. Resetting/restarting the box(es) has no effect. It happens on all TVs in the house that are using the Contour boxes. It's VERY frustrating when trying to watch a series we enjoy, only to find the channel isn't working.

If this doesn't get resolved, I want a credit for each month I have issues.

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  • Hello,

    We can certainly look into this issue for you. Please send us an email with your full address so we can research and help resolve this issue on your behalf.


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator.

  • Sorry about that, send an email to

    Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    I just had brand new service installed yesterday, and I am having this same issue on at least 3 channels.

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    Since the service was just installed, we can schedule a tech to come out and get this resolved once and for all. Please email us at with the account details and a copy of your post.

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    We installed yesterday and have this exact same issue.  A technician is scheduled to come out tomorrow.  But Cox support believes it is a problem on their end.  So I'm not hopeful it will make a difference.

    Did you get your problem resolved?

    I will post the results here after the service call tomorrow.

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    Hi Scott,

    Please let us know if you have further issues once technician leaves.

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    Problem solved!  The technician discovered an old ":signal trap" that was filtering out frequencies it shouldn't have been filtering.  Apparently, the trap was used years ago to prevent cable theft.  He removed the trap and all channels are now available.

    For those of you having a similar problem, it does appear that it is an issue with the signal getting to your Contour 2 host.  A signal trap or weak signal (bad splitter, amplifier, old cabling, etc.) may be your problem.