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Xbox One Streaming Contour

I use an Xbox One as my primary means of home entertainment and streaming. I recently downgraded my service to internet only in addition to a contour streaming service (so no TV box needed). However, the Contour App only seems available to download on a phone or tablet. While these are great options, it seems like Cox is missing it's primary mission which is to allow people to stream directly to their living room TV via gaming consoles or dedicated platforms like Apple TV or Roku. 

Does Cox have any plans to roll out an app that will allow customers to stream Contour to gaming devices in the near future? With so many other streaming options such as Sling or Hulu, this would be a powerful tool to retain loyal customers.

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  • Hi CM757,

    We're working to expand Contour 2 compatibility with third-party devices like Roku, Apple TV, and XBOX. Stay tuned as we move forward in 2017!

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    I am looking forward to this.  Cox is a little slow compared to Comcast/xfinity who I believe is already doing something in

    this area. 

    And while you at it make it work outside the home so when I am traveling I don't have to rely on my Slingbox to watch

    my TV while on the road.  In addition, the Cox Contour 2 app should work anywhere and for every channels I am paying for

    not those low useless channels when I am outside the home.



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    Hi KenK,

    Thank you for your feedback.  We'd like to share your feedback to our Contour App team.  Could you send us an email to with your full address and a link to this thread?  Thanks.

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    Add me to the list of people that would like to see an app for the XBox One.  Currently I have a Contour cable box connected to my XBox One but I'm tired of paying over $20/month for that single box plus DVR service.  Unfortunately, only having an app for iOS and Android devices but no devices that natively connect to the TV is a huge hole in what Cox can offer.