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XBox 360 "sign in status changed" error

Since switching to Cox,I have had non-stop disconnect issues with my Xbox 360. I'll be mid-game on Black Ops 3 and get kicked out. I never had this issue with Frontier. What's the deal?

For what it's worth (and because I do my homework), I have exhausted my options - aside from establishing a wired connection as I don't have a Cat-6 wire - on the Xbox side of things. I have established a Static IP, forwarded ports, cleared my system cache, etc. I'm pretty sure this is an ISP issue at this point. 

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    I've had the same problem with my wired connection to PS4. I'm still trying to get that worked out with these guys as well.

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    Are you able to try connecting it directly to the modem then resetting the modem and see if you still have problems?

  • @ChrisL -

    Connecting directly how? I mentioned in the original posting that I don't have an ethernet cable handy. I've reset the modem, unplugged it for 5 minutes and rebooted, etc. I've done the same with resetting the XBox to factory settings. All to no avail.

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    Can you perhaps use the Ethernet that goes from the modem to the router?

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    The best way to determine if the issue is specific to the wireless connection we want to have you connect directly. Do you have other wireless devices that experience the same problems?
  • I've not had any problems connecting any other devices. I have a desktop computer, 3 iPhones, and an iPad that are all connected over the wireless and do not disconnect at any point.

    I will try to get an ethernet cable this weekend and see if I can garner more information that way.

  • @nikkysteeves

    Please let us know the results. We are here to help

    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator.

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    I have the same problem. No other devices drop out. But Xbox drops out continually. Wired directly to modem. Or on wifi.  Did not have this problem with our pre docsis3.0. We now have the net gear ac1900 purchased from cox. It has dropped out since day one of install. At first chalked it up to maybe a fluke or hot spots but this thread confirms it is not just us. 

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