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x11 contour remote code for Emotiva umc-1

Just got everything installed today and trying to find a code for the remote to work with my reciever, Emotiva umc-1.  Tried all codes.  The first one is the closest as it makes lights blink on the reciever, but no volume up or down.  Powers down with all power.  Tried all other codes in the list but none function.  Is there another code or learning function that I can use to get this to work?

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  • Please let us know which remote you are using. Here is a link to the website for information about the various remotes:
  • Hi 6.6leater,

    Per the Code Finder Tool at, the correct code for your Emotiva receiver is 33763.

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    That is the code I am using but the only function that works with the receiver is power off.  No other functions work.

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    I checked the remote user guide & there are a few codes that you can attempt to use and the code that was sent to you was one of those codes. Please check out this link to see if it may help you with your receiver as well.