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Wtf is wrong with my DVR services ughhh!!!

Ok I am beyond pissed at this point. It seems that no one can give an answer as to why any of us are having issues with DVR services.  I've lost all my shows for the last few weeks, cant record anything new, says y'all are having technical difficulties that apparently you still have but yet are charging me out the  a$$ . My Cisco contour 6  DVR won't record anything but yet it shows a red circle and it won't let me change channels cuz it said I'm cancelling a recording.  I work crazy hours as a doc and all I wnt is my recording to work especially my football. Please do not waste my time asking if my ** is connected right because it is the same as everyone else. My contract is up and if this is your way of thanking me by stopping my services then screw this. 

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  • Huskergal98

    I'd like see what's been done already in getting these issues resolved and move forward on a permanent resolution. Please send an email with your full address to: Please refer to this forums post in the email header.

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