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Would like a dimmer setting on the ARRIS cable box


I just had Contour 2 installed.  The main DVR is an ARRIS  AX013ANM.  So far we love the application and find it much more intuitive than the Cisco DVR.

However I would like a dimmer setting on the clock.  Currently there are 4 brightness options  Off, 1, 2, 3.    We have it set on the lowest setting (1) and find it very distracting in the evening.   In our setting the DVR is about 8 inches below the TV.  The old Cisco box had a soft green display that could easily be read but was not intrusive.  I know we can turn it off but we've grown use to the time display and wish to keep it.

Our request is that ARRIS put this on a todo list for the next time they make a software change.


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