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Worst experience with Customer Service ever

Recently had a horrible experience with Cox Communications over a mistake they made on my bill.  My bill normally includes a "bundle" discount for multiple services of $121.  The last two months instead of subtracting that amount from my balance due, they ADDED it.  The result was my bill went from $200 to $445 a month for two straight months.  I called to let them know and of course got transferred around several times but was ultimately told they acknowledged the mistake and would correct it.  I went ahead and paid the correct amount of $200.


A few weeks later I get a call from their collections department telling me that I have a past due balance and that my service will be disconnected the following day.  After I explained the situation (several times to multiple individuals I was transferred to), they again acknowledged THEIR mistake and said they would correct.  They told me they removed the "collections" status so that my service would stay connected.  One week later, without notice, my service disconnected at 11:00PM.  I could not call them to turn it back on because their offices are only open during normal business hours.


I then, for a third time, had to take time out of my work day (get paid by the hour by the way) which literally has cost me about $200 in real income.  This time I ended up having to talk to 6 different individuals who each kept telling me that they could not resolve my problem but they would transfer me to someone that could.  After an hour and a half of explaining the same situation over and over again, they finally credited my account for the correct amount (I'm told) and claim it will show correctly on the next bill.


For all this hassle, I requested an additional credit to my bill to compensate me for the lost wages and time.  They came back with an offer of $20.  Can you believe that?  $20!?  I told them they'd have to better than that.  After speaking with a supervisor, they raised their offer to $50.  I still said no, I want one full month's bill credited.  This was their mistake that I had to take time over and over again to try and get them to fix and they ended up shutting off my service due to their negligence.  But apparently, nobody there has the authority to do this.  The last guy I spoke to had to submit a form to the head office to request this.  I'm sure this will just go off to some black hole somewhere.


I don't intend to let it go, however.  I will be looking into taking them to small claims court over this because I can prove the lost wages.  I have already filed a complaint with Consumer Affairs.

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    The primary purpose of these forums is for customers to discuss technical issue on a peer to peer basis. Billing and account services issues are best handled in private. You can email us at for further assistance.