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Working on fixing the mess you made out of email

I am not Reporting ABUSE!!!!

I just joined forum to complain about latest COX email updates.

Terrible!  But I cannot enter a reply nor a concern.  It only allows entering 'abuse'.

Insane incompetence.  A pet concern - I can't open an email nor compose one in a 'new tab'.  I rely on this ability.

Extremely poor update programming with no new benefits except ability to FORWARD with graphics.

Forum: Internet Forum
Posted: 26 Jul 2017
Post Subject: Working on fixing the mess you made out of email
Post author: Annoyed Email User

Thank you SO much for dumping us into this "improved" interface. It's going to take me several days to untangle this and get everything moved over to POP3/SMTP to Outlook, since you made your web interface unusable.

Unfortunately, there is a problem that I apparently cannot fix so easily - I have two secondary email users, with separate profiles, with their actual names in the profiles - and this idiot application sends EVERYTHING from their accounts under the PRIMARY account holder's name.

NOT acceptable. Fix needed ASAP.

Maybe at the same time, you can stop trying to bring up your INTERNAL DEVELOPMENT page ( when a user signs out. THAT really tells me (a web developer for fifteen+ years) that you have some truly incompetent people working for you.