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Wireless router and modem

I will be replacing my current wireless router in the near future.  I want to relocate it so it is more central to the house plan.  I am assuming that both TV and Internet signal is available on the cable ports throughout the house.  If this is correct, then I should be able to position my cable modem and wireless router in a more central location than it is now. 

Am I assuming correctly?


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    Not Entirely. Not all cable jacks in the house are activated a lot of times; only the ones that were being utilized the last time you had a tech out are for sure. 

    Move your modem to your new location. If your downstream, upstream, and online lights dont turn solid, that means theres no signal/very poor signal. Even if there is signal at the new outlet, it may very poor and you may have more issues than before. I recommend a professional modem relocate for this reason

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    Thanks for your reply.  The modem itself is working okay.  I have an Ethernet cable going to my wireless router that is located in the far front of the house.  My furthest device that I am transmitting to is 70 feet away and through several walls.  At times I loose signal to those devices even though the icon says there is connection.  My thinking was to place the modem and router in a more central location.

    I have TV signal on all of the jacks in the other rooms.  I have not checked the junction box outside to see if there are any differences between the cable that goes to the modem and the other rooms.   I was assuming that if there was TV signal there would also be internet.