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Wireless receiver

Does Cox offer wireless DVR receivers or do they plan to?

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    It's wireless HDMI.  Instead of an HDMI cable, your set-top box would beam the A/V signal to a TV.  I wouldn't think Cox would get into this technology.

    First, wireless can be finicky, even for the avid enthusiast.  There would be issues with range, obstacles, latency, dropouts, beamforming, etc.  This would require Cox to learn an entirely new set of skills to help troubleshoot.  The hard-wired Mini Box was challenging enough.  I think Cox would avoid more troubleshooting.

    Second, Cox should be moving away from the cable box.  Almost every TV is Smart, so why not offer an app to install directly on your Smart TV?  They could still offer the box for older analog sets and those wanting a hard drive to record.

    Third, wireless HDMI technology is expensive (transmitters, receivers, IR blasters), and reliability and cheapness won't mix.  This would contradict their current business model for cable boxes:  buy cheap from the manufacturer and recoup the loss 100 times over with rental fees.

    Fourth, and now probably moot, the previous FCC Chairman wanted to "unlock" the set-top box.  This would eliminate the mandatory rental fees, force providers to offer the free app and allow third-parties (Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple) to offer more innovative and competitive technologies.

    Could you imagine Google creating a cable box?  They'd eliminate all the peeves on this forum:  reliable recording, program guides with only your subscribed channels, call-blocking software, picture-in-picture, etc.  Maybe even pause live TV and voice control.  And the hardware options:  Wireless HDMI, more storage, Solid State Drives, HDMI switching hubs, true universal remote controls, radio frequency remotes, wireless keyboards, Internet access...

    Meh, just a pipe dream.

  • Hi KristinaK,

    We are investigating wireless set-top box technology, but have no launch information at this time. Stay tuned!