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Wireless Headphones

Can a wireless headphone transmitter be connected to the Contour Record 6 box for night time viewing?

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    Bluetooth transmitter?  You can connect a Bluetooth transmitter to 1 of 3 audio ports:
     - Composite Left/Right audio
     - 3.5 mm port
     - Optical TOSLINK

    If you use the optical port, you will need a Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) to convert the digital signal into an analog signal.  If your Bluetooth transmitter has a built-in DAC, you won't need another DAC.  The Composite and 3.5 ports don't need to be converted because they're analog signals.

  • It is not bluetooth. It is an RCA connector (red & black) that has a 3.5 connector which connects into the transmitter.

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    What's the make and models of your headphones and Contour...and your TV?

  • Headphones/Transmitter - Sentry HO800

    Contour - 9865HDC

    TV - LG 49UH6030

    Thanks for your assistance.

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    You can connect your transmitter to #5 (Audio Out) in the image.  The only Audio Out I see on your LG is optical.

    Update:  The image didn't load, typical.  See the image here...scroll down to Back View:

  • Thanks, Bruce.

    I figured it out and I now have sound through the wireless headphones while muting the TV sound.