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Will Cox Internet work with the new Norton Core Secure Wi-Fi router?

I am currently using the Arris SURFboard SBG6900-AC Cable Modem and Router.  Because of the superior security of Norton's new router offers, I am looking to disable the Arris router of the SBG6900-AC using the Bridge Mode and attach the new Norton Core Secure Wi-Fi Router to it.  I have not yet purchased the Norton Router until I can confirm there should not be any conflicts with this configuration with my Cox Internet Service.

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    why do you need Norton router if you already have the arris one?  stay away from norton

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    The Norton core is just a WIFI router. It will work because you'll still have the cable modem (SBG6900-AC) cable modem to terminate the connection from Cox. 

    As for bridge mode on Arris it's a pain sometimes. Sometimes works and sometimes it doesn't. You may be better off just having the SBG6900-AC as a router using IP and set the Norton core as and turn off the wifi connection on the SBG6900-AC. Everything inside your wifi and wired network after the core will be so make sure you update any printers or any other devices that have a static IP. 

    It will be setup this way. Cox cable wire goes into the SBG6900-AC then you plug a cat5e (cat6) cable from the SBG6900-AC to the Norton Core. Set the Norton Core default IP to The SBG6900-AC default IP is unless you changed it. 

    Cable wire ------SBG6900-AC (Disabled Wifi)---------Norton Core

    Make sure the DHCP on the SBG6900-AC is set to the and up range or just turn it off all together. However, it's good to keep it enabled while you're setting it up so it will pull from the SBG6900-AC while you're setting it up. 

    Then set the static IP on the Norton Core as 

    Once you have the static IP on the Norton Core from the SBG6900-AC you can disable DHCP. 

    If you need to do any port forwarding you want to port forward on the SBG6900-AC to the IP and then inside the Norton Core you port forward as normal. 

    You could also just put the Core in the DMZ on the SBG6900-AC but I personally feel it's better security to have nothing in DMZ. 

    Side note, I don't work for Cox just do networking for a living.