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WiFi Signal Strength

Is there anyway to boost my WiFi signal Strength?  I am a Cox Com customer and using a DUBW32N Modem.

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    Hi Tricky, you could add a wifi extender to your home to get rid of dead signal spots in your home. Would you say the router is in a central location?
  • Hi Derrick, I too have a weak wifi signal, I ran a speed test on my laptop and it read 50mbps, versus my desktop directly connected to the modem which read 317 mbps. Obviously the desktop will always trump everything else in terms of connection speed, but is there a way to boost the wifi speed for everything else so that I'm not getting less than 20% of the internet connection I'm paying for? Thanks, Pedro G.
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    Pedro, what router or gateway are you using? If you are getting 50Mbps over WiFi, sounds like you are using wireless "n" maybe on the 2.4GHz band. If you want to even get close the the 300Mbps capability of you connection, you have to use 802.11ac on the 5GHz band. "n" will never cut it. Is your router or gateway "ac" capable? Your laptop?