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Wifi Password

I still have the wifi password that was created when Cox Internet was connected to my new home about five years ago. It's the sixteen letter/number/upper case/lower case mess. How do I go about changing that?

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    It's the pre-shared key for wieless encryption.  What make/model router do you have?

    Also, if you change the pre-shared key...which is now a good'll need to update ALL the devices on your wireless network (laptops, game consoles, tablets, TV, etc) with the new pre-shared key.

    Create another 16-digit letter/number/upper/lower-case mess.

  • Hi, you need to include some additional information so Forum members can assist you. Do not post any personal information, but you can put the model and brand of the WiFi router. Brands like Netgear for example have their own web sites and FAQs (frequently asked questions) that can help as well.