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WiFi download speed

I recently upgraded my internet package & modem to the newest Cox provides (Arris 2460) and installed by a Cox serviceman. using a LAN connection I connect at or close to the 300 Mbs, I realize using a wifi connection you can expect up to a 40% loss in speed. sitting next to my modem connected to the 5ghz network I can only achieve a maximum of 40Mbs. download speed. upload speeds are usually higher or equal to my download speeds. this is considerably more than a 40% loss. what can be done to remedy this problem? I'm considering using another ISP if i see my connection buffering again. please help

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  • Hi wifihostage,

    You mentioned that you only get a download speed of 40 MBPS when sitting next to your modem connecting to the 5ghz network. What device are you using? (Cell phone, tablet, PC, etc.) What testing tool are you using?