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Wichita: 668 Comet TV

Is there a reason why I can not turn into channel "Wichita: 668 Comet TV (*KSAS 24-3 off an antenna*)" using the cablecard / digital tuner adapter with my TIVO?

I get an onscreen message/error to contact my cable provider.

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    maybe not mapped to cable card or an account issue

  • Hello,

    We can certainly look into this for you. Please respond back with the error message.


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator

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    I understand that this may be a 'retransmit' issue and the channel is being held for when the issue that would allow COX Wichita to retransmit the broadcast.

  • Hi DEC2955,

    Something is definitely going on with channel 668 in Wichita, so I'm glad you brought this to our attention. There is no channel 668 listed in the Wichita on-screen Guide, and trying to tune to channel 668 using the remote takes me to channel 669.

    The Wichita channel lineup at is incorrect, as it shows Comet TV is channel 679. However, channel 679 is Decades (KSCW-DT2).

    Per, Comet isn't currently available in the Cox Wichita lineup. It is available via antenna on virtual channel 24.3. I'm going to check with our programming team to get more information. I'll update this thread as soon as I can.

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    What is funny is that at one time I was able to receive COMET TV via COX?!

    Then I was not able to and kind of waited to see if the issue got fixed..  It was only when my wife noticed that the channel was running a "Godzilla" marathon (they had started with the original and running them in release order) was it brought to my attention to get it fixed..

    And while I do have an external antenna connected to a TIVO.. due to storms and a neighbor's tree (which thanks for the antenna kept the tree from crashing into my roof/side of the house) not currently aimed correctly to receive most of the off air channels without 'LTE'  and other interference causing digital artifacts. ...and I can not climb to fix it and can not find any current installer left in business due to cables market.

    I look forward to reading that COX Wichita is carrying the channel again in the future.


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  • Hi DEC2955,

    I appreciate your posts, and I'll let you know as soon as I get more information.

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    As I type this COMET KSASDT24-3 / 668 is live again...

    Now if only COX could add KSMILP 30-1 which broadcasts classic Dr Who..


  • Hello Dec2955,

    We appreciate your comment and interest in a channel not in our Cox TV lineup. We can submit your interest in KSMILP to our marketing team to review for future lineup consideration.