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wi fi

I am having trouble getting wi fi in another room to connect to Netflix.  It works sometimes, but most of the time it says cannot connect to network.  I have re-set it so many times, but doesn't help

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    The WiFi signal is effected by various things:
    - Distance from the router to the device
    - Walls and other obstacles
    - Interference from neighboring WiFi and things like cordless telephones, microwaves, baby monitors, etc.

    How far is the device from your router?  How many walls are in between?  Have you tried changing channels, on the 2.4GHz band, I would try channel 1,6 and 11, see which gives the best result.  Is it possible to move the router closer to the device you are having problems with?

  • Hi Jammy,

    Allen is right on the money with his suggestions. Streaming video will perform best via a wired connection. Is it possible to move the router into the other room so you can utilize a direct connection? What model router or Gateway are you using?