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Wi Fi usage

Hello, We currently have a contour box setup, including a Ubee DVW326 router for the smart hub Wi Fi on our Samsung TV and computer. All are working fine. My question is.........we have an older Samsung plasma TV that needs to be had no HDMI capability. That TV is hooked up to a Cox digital box. We plan on getting a new TV for that connection which has Wi Fi capability. I am assuming the Wi Fi connection to that TV s/b you see any reason that would not be the case. Thank You Mike

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    Your WiFi connection between the Ubee and any smart TV doesn't have anything to do with Cox set top boxes.  They are two separate functions.  If you purchase a new smart TV, you can connect to the STB using hdmi and the "smart" functions to the Ubee over WiFi, one doesn't effect the other.  You should be fine, I don't see any reason it shouldn't work as long as the new TV is physically in WiFi range of the Ubee router.