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Wi-Fi is SO Slow... it is worse than the old Dial Up

We have been with Cox for 10+ years. The service has gotten worse and worse. The modem was replaced 2 weeks ago. We went and bought a new router and that didn't help either. It is obvious that the problem is with COX because of the hundreds of complaints found on the support Forums. To charge customers for service that isn't compatible with what is advertised deceptive advertising. I hope COX will get it fixed very quickly!

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    Do you want help with this issue or just want to rant?  If you would like help, please post a little about your setup:

    - Model of modem or gateway you are using
    - Model of router is separate
    - Is the slow internet only over WiFi or also using wired directly to the modem?
    - Please test with a connection wired directly to the modem and post your results.  Also, post results over WiFi.

    Thanks, these tests will help narrow the issue to WiFi or the cable/modem.

  • Hello ShellBee44,

    What seems to be the issue with the internet service?

    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator.

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