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Why would COX GIGABLAST setup require an AC adapter connected to 1 coaxial jack?

I was not home when the installation occurred, but when I returned, I noticed a plug in my AC outlet that was connected to a nearby coaxial outlet. The gigablast ONT has its on power cord, so I am little confused as to why this is needed in my setup. Especially since the these two items do not seem to be connected in any way. I do not have the panoramic setup at this time. Even if I did, I am unsure this is how it would work unless there is a component in my attic or outsude my home that needs this power supplied to it via coxial. I should also note, that I have DirecTV and not cox television, so if its a coaxial line conditioner, I am not sure what it will be used to condition. Any thoughts?

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  • adugas

    It sounds like it may be a cable amplifier or a MOCA filter. It's tough to know for sure. If it's something that you don't think is necessary you can try unplugging it and then check your Internet and your video service to see if there's any sort of difference.

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