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Why no "Service outage" notification page?

I came on the website hoping to find whether Cox's internet service is down in the McPherson/Lindsborg, KS area (October 4, 2016).  But, of course, there doesn't appear to be any page on their website that provides that information.  If there is one, the web designer has hidden it very well.  It would be so easy to avoid all the calls to ask if there is an outage but Cox is apparently remaining loyal to its long-tradition of maximum customer annoyance.

I don't understand why the regulatory agencies (in Kansas the Kansas Corporation Commission) do not require cable companies - which in Kansas is primarily Cox - to have a website telling people where they have outages.  Without that information (accessible by cellphone since obviously the cable internet access isn't available), there is no way to know if it is my equipment (doubtful) or their service.

I suppose Cox doesn't want anyone to know how often their service is down but the regulatory agencies - in theory - should be more concerned about the consumer than protecting Cox.  Or that used to be the theory but I suppose we've (Kansans) abandoned that pipe-dream as well.