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Why isn't there an "Inbox" button at the bottom of the emails?

When checking emails, I don't want to open, see, or even care about some of them.  At the bottom of each email I do open there are at least 10 various buttons.  None of them are "Inbox" buttons.  I know that there is are "Next" and "Previous" buttons, but that opens the next or previous email.  I don't want to open any emails I don't like so I have to scroll up to the top of the page to click on the "Inbox" button to go to the next email I want to open.  If there was an Inbox button at the bottom of the email with the 10 other buttons (There's plenty of room) then we wouldn't have to scroll up every time we want to select a new email we WANT to open.

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    What are you checking you emails with?  Cox webmail?  Outlook? Windows mail?

    If it's the Cox webmail try using the enhanced version (sign on through and choose enhanced).