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Why isn't the 2017 fall freeview free?

I got an e-mail advertising the fall freeview so I went to check it out. In every instance I got the reply 'You must purchase a premium service before you can view the fall freeview' even though there is a button saying that the item is free.

Free means you don't have to pay. So why am I being ordered to pay for something you claim is 'free'?

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    Yes, me too. For something heavily advertised, it isn't accessible. There isn't a "Fall Freeview" to choose from. Anything available that I click on comes back with the message that I have to call to start the service. Not one of the premiums works.Way to lower expectations even more, Cox.

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    everything I found on google says it towards the end of September not middle

  • Hello,

    Thank you for contacting us.  The HBO fall freeview will be from September 19 to 25th.

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    As of today, Sept 19, no free HBO.  Even though it's advertised as such.  Why does Cox send me an email saying I can watch things for free when I can't?  I even contacted Cox tonight via the website.  The Cox employee didn't know what I was talking about "freeview" and couldn't help.

  • abmspt,

    The Freeview is content in the Fall Freview folder in On Demand. Linear channels and the On Demand content listed under the channel is not included.

    The content is located at CHANNEL 1 > FALL FREEVIEW

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    Nice gesture, but totally useless if, like me, you're already a Cox Contour TV Premier subscriber.

    Having received the first Fall Freeview email a week or so ago (and posting here in this forum for further info/clarification, which I didn't get), I scoured and 'favorited' some ND (one of Cox' on demand providers) movies I'd like to see (Beauty and the Beast, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and a few others). It didn't work. I then navigated to channel 1, where I discovered that the promo wasn't going to work on movies that aren't included in my current plan.

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    If you check, you will find that this thread was started on the afternoon of the 19th of September.

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    I go to CHANNEL 1, Select FREEVIEW, then select a channel and a program. Then I see the 'You have to buy first' Prompt.

    Yes I am using Contour.

    The purpose of FREEVIEW is to give people a free preview of channels they do not have, not channels they already have.

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    I use the following link for any free preview of premium channels:

    It's just straight info:  network, start date, end date, comments.

    There are no shameless self-promotions, misleading ads or inevitable questions.

    I unsubscribed to all Cox email because it's just spam.

    Bookmark it.

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    Hi mwilsom,

    We can check the service level of the account for you. Please send us an email to with your full name and service address. Also, reference this post in the email.