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Why is the data cap the same from essential to ultimate?

Recently policy changes have made it where Cox is now charging customers for going over the data caps. With the change to this policy, Cox has not adjusted any of the packages' data caps. No rollover, no increases for more expensive packages, no changes whatsoever.

This is concerning because users who have premier or ultimate could easily use their entire data cap in 2 days with the speeds they have. Simple things like downloading a hard drive restore from cloud backups following a crash could easily cap a residential user's speeds.

Can someone explain why Cox would make this policy change without acknowledging a need to make adjustments to these caps?

I'm almost always under the cap but I'm one hard drive crash away from being 200-500gb over which would translate to 40-100$ in charges. This doesn't seem fair.

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    I'm already over $100 in penalties if i don't cut down on my usage at Ultimate plan. I have 10 computers at home, ipad, ipods and iphones with 8 kids on them all summer. I have removed cable television so there's 80 bucks saved since no one uses it anymore.

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    Ya it's like they assume when they talk about how many movies you can stream etc that everybody who has internet at home is a single user, when you have 5+ people in the house and multiple Xbox Ones and PS4s, Steam, cloud backups, and multiple people streaming Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, etc among other normal things like remotely working, browsing, email, etc it's way easy to chew up to 2TB+ a month.  1TB is a joke, 2TB would be slightly annoying but way doable for most people, I think 2TB would be closer to the 1% or whatever they say the power users use.

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    Revenues. Cox knows exactly what they are doing. Any time a cox sales or support rep opens their mouth its nothing but lies and garbage that pour out. This is a conscious decision to charge you more fees and extract more money out of your pocket. 

  • Simple answer:

    The people at Cox, starting at the top...ARE CROOKS.  Two-legged rattlesnakes. please post your complaints about this outrageous data cap in the "data cap email" thread.  There are over 140 complaints there already.