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Why is PQ so horrendous with Contour 2? For paying premium, there is NO EXCUSE for this.

PQ with Contour 2 on iPad is absolutely horrotious compared to the PQ I get from my HDHR tuners receiving uncompressed OTA signals.  For paying premium, there is absolutely no excuse for this.  If Cox thinks they can just piss on their customer's leg and tell them that it is raining, they have another thing coming. We should not be treated like cattle and, you better keep in mind, that we have PLENTY of other alternatives: HDHR, Plex, Kodi, MythTV, Channels, InstaTV, etc.

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  • Hi Sonic,

    Rather than comparing the picture quality of Contour 2 content on an iPad versus the picture quality of your TV, how does the picture quality of Contour 2 content compare to other TV network content viewed on your iPad? (Example: watching TV shows via apps like FOX Now, ABC Go, NBC Sports, etc.)