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Why is my internet never reliable?

My family has used Cox internet for years, but we never seem to have reliable service. I honestly don't know why we've stayed on so long. We've done troubleshooting and tests and every one of Cox's recommended tips, but nothing sticks. In the past five years, we've replaced routers 4 or 5 times and we've changed modems 1 or 2 times.

Within the past few years, it's gotten really irritating. With one high school student and one college student constantly trying to do homework, we really need wifi. It used to just go through spurts where it would work fine for a few weeks, then go crazy and quit for a day. Recently though it's almost unbearable. At least once a day we have to unplug the router and modem and restart them because they stop working. I finally decided to try posting on the forum because today we've tried restarting 6 times and it only works for about 15 minutes at a time.

I've read tons of articles and forum posts, but they all offer the same few pieces of advice, and none of it is working. I'm still not sure if it's the router, modem, Cox, or maybe even the weather because our service is extremely unpredictable and nothing is working.

I don't know what to do and no amount of Google searches has helped.

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    Ok, sounds like you've been having some long-standing serious issues.  At this point, the idea would be to determine the root cause of the problem. 

    What hardware are you using?

    Have you ever tried just rebooting the modem or router (individually) and seeing if that solved the problem?

    Do you retain Wifi access (IE access to network printers etc)?

    Do all devices suffer the same outages, including wired devices?

    This type of long-standing problem is annoying as all ***, and I've been there - but with a little bit of troubleshooting the origin of the problem can be narrowed down.