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Why is it that the "new" contour tv guide does not allow customization of displayed channels?

Why is there no option to only display subscribed channels or setup of multiple favorites list?  I don't want to see hundreds of channels I will never watch.  I sure don't want the kids to have access to ALL the guide options but when I;m watching tv I sure don't want to see a bunch of kids channels. 

There needs to be a way to set up multiple favorites list and/or guide profiles. The current "filter by All Channels, HD Channels, Favorites, Trending, Movies, Sports, and Kids"  is not sufficient because that is what Cox determines to be within those categories, not what customer wants to personally see. 

A perfect example was trying to watch the Olympics, half of the channels the games were shown on were not considered sports, therefore they would never show up within a search.  The Rio add-on within contour did not help either because it also did not include everything.  I run into this issue every time sports are shown on local channels, Fox, ABC, NBC, etc.

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  • It sounds like you miss being able to set up individual user profiles. We hope this feature will be available in a Contour 2 future update. In the meantime, you might be able to come close to what you're looking for by using a combination of the Favorite Channels Guide View and Parental Controls.

    Setting up Favorites in Contour 2 is a two-step process. Once you create a list of Favorite channels (example: only your subscribed channels), you can then select your Favorites list as your default Guide view. Learn more at

    My kids really enjoy the Contour 2 "Kids" Guide, as it includes On Demand content they may not realize is available for free. It works hand-in-hand with Parental Controls, so make sure you set up a PIN (

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    I agree. I was able to "block" channels I would never watch in the Dish Network guide. It was nice not to have to scroll through so many channels that we never watch. I'll bet out of the 200-some available channels, we watched only about 25 or so with any regularity, a couple others occasionally, but most we never tuned in to.