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Why is Formula One so hard to record?

With the older Contour, I could schedule to record Formula One Racing series - and it would record the practice 2 session, the qualifying, the pre-race show and the race. All with one scheduled program.

Now with Contour 2 it only records the actual race!

And there is no "series" option for any of the other vital parts of the race weekend.

There is no series for Practice, Qualifying or Pre-race shows.

Consequently I have to add each of these manually every week or two - and when I forget they are gone.

This is an extremely frustrating step backwards for Contour 2 over what was offered with Contour 1.

Please fix it, Cox! Your own older system did better; and I'll bet your competitors still do better.

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    Thank you for the feedback. I've forwarded it to our Video Team for review. Have you tried to use our remote recording feature in the Cox Connect app? You can use this to set a recording when you are not home.

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    Thanks Stephanie. I hope they bring Contour 2 up to the same level of capabilities that Contour had in this regard.

    I have used the Cox Connect app - and it's useful in a pinch. However it gives no feedback as to what has already been scheduled; so it's not really that easy to use unless I'm at home looking at the DVR so that I can see what has been scheduled. I used to find the U-verse app much more useful as it allowed full visibility into what was scheduled as well as allowing new recordings to be set.