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Why is cox not working AGAIN?

Lars time we went on vacation, an east coast server went down the day we arrived and I lost my second evening on the phone with tech support to find out. It was down all week and I had no access to webmail.

well, her I am again. This morning in mission viejo my husband says the tv was off. No tv. Any tv any room. Then I tried to do a coup,e quick mails and checks a site for directions. Like molasses in January. Now I'm in idyll wild and have great wifi and finally got webmail to load up BUT....I ain't view any of them.i'm on an iPad and the same is true for my husband on his android tablet.

WTF? I refuse to spend ANOTHER vacation night on the phone with cox tech support while they apologize but can't help.

i am so sick of this. When I get home I am demanding two months credit for Internet for f***g up my email for two months.

there are threads on here that started in June for pete's sake.  Is that not pathetic?


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  • I know it's cox. That's why I'm posting here. I refuse to spend another vacation night on the phone with them. Somebody can explain it to me tomorrow. Or...just a thought...get cox to correct it overnight. That's what a viable business would do.