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Why does there need to be a cap?

The internet isn't some finite resource that has to be used sparingly.  You aren't going to run out of internet.  Why isn't the limit just the bandwidth that we pay for? 

What's the point of paying for fast internet?  We will just get to the cap faster and then will be useless.

What's the point of having a service you have to constantly monitor and worry about costly overages?

I find it particularly insulting that you mentioned in your email, "Thanks for continuing to use Cox as your internet provider."  I don't have a choice.  There is no other cable provider for my apartment complex.  As soon as I do have a different option, I will be leaving Cox and not looking back.

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  • Hello, We definitely do not want you to feel this way about us. The newly imposed caps will only affect only a very small percentage of our customers.  We have introduced data offers with higher limits.  Depending on the needs for your family. There is also a plan with an unlimited option.  You can look into these offers online at, or using our data usage meter or in the Cox Connect app.  You can determine what plan will better suit your family's needs.  As a reminder, Cox provides a grace period of two consecutive billing cycles. During the grace period, you receive notifications and information about your data usage, but you won’t be charged for any usage above your data plan.