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Why does the guide completely cover the picture

Guides used to only take up half the screen or at least the TV picture would be in the upper left.
Now when I hit guide it covers the whole picture.

How can I make it let some video show so I don't have to completely miss what I am trying to watch just because I want to browse the guide.  All you hear is sound in the background and it makes you anxious that you are missing the picture.
This is totally ridiculous.  It seems like we are going backwards in technology to me.
Very frustrating.

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    Hi ice,

    What model receiver are you using?

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    Same issue with me. I HATE that it does that. Same if you go the settings, also. I have a Cisco receiver. Don't know the model #, but it was just installed, so I assume whatever the latest model is. I don't see anywhere in the settings that allows you to change it.