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Why does the COX service I pay $200 a month keep asking if I.m still watching?

Dear Cox!!!!

Why does the service I pay $200 a month keep asking if I.m still watching?

Why do I have to keep pressing a button to tell COX that I'm still watching TV? Isn't the $200 a month a paying you enough not to be harassed and monitored by COX?

*** ridiculous!!!!!

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    OHH and you edit my post!!!!!

    Why am I paying COX $200 a month????

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    You expected your F-bomb, or GD, or whatever to NOT be edited..? You are a troll of a different breed. Goodbye.

  • Hi Hggg,

    It sounds like you're watching a Switched Digital Video channel. With traditional broadcasting, all TV signals are broadcast constantly, whether you are watching them or not. This takes up a lot of bandwidth. Cox, along with most other cable TV providers, utilize a technology called Switched Digital Video (SDV). Switched Digital Video provides the signal to you only when you tune to a particular channel. This frees up space and allows us to offer more channels in our lineup. When you get the message asking you to press Select, the digital receiver is making sure that someone is still watching the channel. After six continuous hours of viewing an SDV channel, the receiver will display the following message: "The channel you are watching has timed out due to inactivity. Enter the channel number to resume viewing." I'm sorry this message has caused so much aggravation! Utilizing SDV technology in this way allows Cox to manage bandwidth in the most effective way possible.