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why do I need a mini box when all of my TV's that I own have built in hd tuners?

I saw many of the cox customers are very unhappy with snatching the basic free channels which were aired for all the internet customers. Yes its truly a way cox want to make bucks for every bite of signal they stream in internet. To be frank, being loyal customer since 4+yrs in many places of cox, i am truly not satisfied with the internet speed inspite of paying a high bills everymonth. As someone said, recently you raised price of internet. What else you want to snatch from the customer, you should stand out for the customers and keep them happy for what you are providing the service. You are trying in reverse way to *** each and every penny from customer. 

Comcast was the best so far in USA for my entire 9yrs of stay here in USA. Still i would love to move to comcast if it was there in this place. I know cox is placed in such a way you don't have good competitor in certain region. When customers are loyal to you, you should give back something to atleast retain them. Instead Cox seems to take advantage of every buck earning. Its high time, some good competitor will show the difference for sure.

Still being a cox customer, i see monthly 2-4 days no internet for couple of hrs or reduced speed. Especially Friday's my god, its weekend, you should know your servers how to handle the things. Its dead slow. But you rip money every month for such service.

Please treat this as complaint. I'm fed up calling your customer care, burning my phone minutes and then set appointment for your engineer. He comes, tightens the screws, he cuts the wire for again to connect & changes some knobs and says its loosely connected and now its all perfect. And he shows speed is also fine. Next day its back to normal. uuuuuuufffffffffff. 

Its my sincere request. Instead of playing tricky in snatching every penny from customer, please improve your service to the best and then talk to customer, lets see which customer will not pay you extra $10 for your basic free to air channels which you are trying to make money with cheap tricks. Its truly a BAD idea whoever suggested. I can easily bet, you will not get customers with this by doing this. People will rely on internet more now or switch to your competitor for sure.

Good Luck for your new initiative in snatchin TV Channels and forcing $10 /month for minibox when every TV has HD Tuners.

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