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Why do I keep getting returned mail that I did not send even after changing password and secret question multiple times

I've read through some of the other forum questions on this same issue.  I'm getting tons of email each day that is returned mail for emails that I have never sent.  I have updated my password and secret question multiple times and it is still occurring.  Is the only option at this time to change my email address?

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  • Your account keeps getting hacked.  The very same thing happened to me until I changed the password to one that included special characters, numbers and caps.  You must get a much stronger password.

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    This has happened to many of us.  If the spam is sent to everyone on your contact list, the spammers got into your account.

    Usually by tricking you into clicking on a link.  They don't send the spam from your account.  If the spam is going to strangers, there is nothing you can do. The spammers are manually entering your name in their REPLY address. 

    If you think they got into your account, go thru all of your Settings to make sure that nothing has been changed. 

  • Key logger malware?

    Scan your computer for malicious software and remove any that's found then change your password.