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Why did my post get locked?

If you don't want me to use this forum just say "Don't post on this forum" or "No questions allowed"

And maybe change this "The purpose of the Cox TV Support Forum is to allow customers to discuss technical topics related to residential Cox Cable ". Maybe have it say if we don't like your post asking about technical problems we lock it down.

Don't make a forum for discussion and then halt discussions...

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    Hi WesleyC,

    We don't mind you posting on the forum page. However, to assist you we need your full address and name and because our forum page is public, we would need you to email it to our team at

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    Your 2nd post on that topic was in bold letters.  it is easy to see that you were attempting to explain a missing word in your original topic.  someone thought that you were reallllllly mad and posting in bold letters.   what kind of DVR do you have?  if you have a Contour 1, you can go to the nearest Cox store and get a new one.   no installation problems.  a Contour 2 needs to be installed by Cox (I think).  just get a new box.