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Why did my internet bill jump by 20 dollars.

I paid my previous balance. The new total is a result of this month alone. There are no details other than just the price. What calls my attention is the sudden $20 increase.

I wouldn't mind paying that price if my service provided what it offered, but it doesn't. I have been meaning to change it for some time. I tried changing online, but I wasn't able to. I pay for a premium service and I don't get half of the upload or download speeds the package promises. I enjoy playing online a lot and streaming my gameplay, yet I can't stream to my own channel on Twitch since getting this service. I am always told I have a "bad connection" and my streams are interrupted. I also experience a lot of lag when playing online. Do I have to make the time to call directly to have my internet package changed? Or can I do it online myself.

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    @Roman Sanchez

    Perhaps we can help with the speed problems you're seeing. What make/modem modem and router are you using and can you try testing your speeds without the router?