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why cox internet ** soo much?

are you people doing a maintenance work  for the last past 3 days?
you know in the civilizate World before you do anything
you care to let others know what are you about to do
in that way the others people are not going to waste their time to troubleshooting a problem or problems
since they already know the cause of their problem is you
so I repeat the question for the SOS ( Stuck on Stupid )
Cox is doing any maintenance work around 12:30 AM for the last past 3 days?

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    Cox works very diligently in outage situations to limit the amount of downtime experienced by our customers. Our normal maintenance window is between midnight and 6 AM. Advance notice is not always practical; however, we try to let customers know when a major issue or a network update in their area will affect their service for more than one day.

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    sure we're been cox customers  since 2005

    that excuse it just doesn't work anymore 

    I just can't believe we tolerate cox ** for 12 years

    well that is what happen when we live under a totalitarian monopoly dictatorship 

    but it's ok we finally decide to drop your *** sorry asses once for all

    just like the Bible say : your days are numbered ( around 14 days left with cox )

    now Life is good Again...!!!!

    arrivederci !!!!!!!

  • Conrad

    If we're doing maintenance, the service typically would go down after midnight and be restored before 6am. Maintenance can take 2-3 days to complete. Usually you will be able to see a notice on our website that lets you know what's happening with any sort of an outage.

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