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Why can't we delete call history?

In this day and age to have all that information and not be able to delete it is ridiculous. Why have a box to allow a check ...if it does nothing, We should have a right to have that feature disabled if we can't delete it,

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  • As it's currently "functioning", nothing is being logged (at least for me) so there will be nothing to delete.

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    I'm having the same prblem as kudos. I have over 700 calls on my history. Why am I going thru all of them checking the box for nothing! I am using my online account. This is plain crazy.

  • Hi stinkfoot63,

    Feedback from our customers is how we grow as a company whether it is positive or negative.  I will be glad to pass this suggestion along on your behalf to our marketing team.  

  • Hi Auggie, The box to the left of each entry allows you to select which calls you want to print or download. If a customer decides to select a particular segment of calls, this allows you to sort out calls rather than printing the entire list. Hope this helps.