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Why can't I resume a program after pause/stopping? I thought you guys fixed this last time, WTF?

Dear Cox, I pay you multiple HUNDREDS of dollars every month for Cox to NOT SCREW UP. Why do you keep screwing up? It's very simple. If people pay, they get what they pay for. I thought you people had figured out the On Demand problem a few months ago, but, I guess you didn't. We PAY FOR ONB DEMAND. FIX IT NOW. If you keep not giving us what we pay for, why do you not offer us adjusted bills for what you failed to give us? Alice.

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    are you using cox equipment or Tivo?  if Tivo it's a known issue cox and Tivo are working on it.

  • AliceFaye,

    I don't want you to feel this way and would really like to help. Does this happen on both boxes? Which content is affected?