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Why can't i only add services and not remove services online?¿?

Everytime I've seen this questions it just gets a blunt answer from someone at cox saying that you cant do that with no reason why and then the discussion is closed by COX. I want to know why?¿?¿?

Why can I only add services and not remove services online?¿?

Why does COX make is so difficult to remove services?¿?¿?

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  • netraider,

    Upgrading services normally does not affect current packages adversely therefore the option is available online. When downgrading, many packages have restrictions in order to keep your current bundle discounts or an account may be in a contract. You may wish to remove a service you feel is unnecessary or unwanted however doing so could cause the loss of a major discount which once removed cannot be added back onto the account. Rather than allowing these changes, we prefer to speak to our customers and provide options which will not cause these losses and provide you customized options to ensure you are getting the best value for your budget.

  • I also would like to know why I cannot downgrade my service online? I don't want to talk to your customer service representatives, they're annoying.  I only want to remove add-on items, so since that was not part of my package, I should be able to remove them without calling anyone.

    I can order your service and cancel your service online, so I should be able to downgrade.  The online support system should also allow for the customer to see how downgrading would affect their package, before they complete the downgrade.