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Why Can't I Do Pre-programmed Recordings Anymore - Darn Mini Box!!!!!

Everything worked great until the mini box came along.  I love recording my favorite soap opera and then watching it when I come home from work.  I could set my VCR / DVD combo to come on automatically at a specified time with a specified TV channel and then it would turn off automatically when recording was completed.  I can no longer do that since the mini box came along.  I am on a very tight budget and I cannot afford premium TV services nor can I afford to rent a DVR from Cox.  Does anyone know how I can still be able to do pre-programming  recordings using the equipment I have.  Why should I be forced to buy new equipment or rent equipment when what I have woks least it worked before the mini box.

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    I think the mini box has timers not positive though

  • Hi SoapLover,

    The mini box shouldn't prevent you from recording your favorite shows via your VCR. Connect your mini box, VCR, and TV using the steps below.

    1. Connect the coax cable from the wall to IN on the mini box.
    2. Connect the coax cable from the OUT on the mini box to IN on the VCR/DVD recorder.
    3. Connect the coax cable from the OUT on the VCR/DVD recorder to IN on the TV.

    The VCR/DVD recorder and TV must both be set to channel 3 (or 4) depending on your local area. Also, set the switch on the back of the mini box to match (channel 3 or 4). Set your VCR to record at a specific time, and be sure that the mini box is tuned to the channel you want to record. The mini box power must be on, but your TV can be powered off. I hope this helps!