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Why can't Contour be mirrored to my smart TV

Seems Contour has been misrepresented to me. When I spoke to Cox sales rep I was told that I could watch TV on my smart phone only while at home (so much for the term "anywhere"). I asked if I could stream my smart phone to my smart TV and watch contour on a larger screen. The sales rep did not hesitate and said YES! After several attempts to make this happen, I called Cox. The CSR asked a lot of questions about my phone. I had previously call my cell phone manufacturer and was told, yes it was capable of mirroring to my smart TV wireless or via an HDMI connection. At the end of the call the Cox CSR said she didn't know how to make this work and told me I need two try changing the settings. I told her my settings were find as I could watch Youtub and other websites oopn my TV via my smart phone. The phone and TV both were indicating they were connected. When I try to get Contour to appear on my larger screen I get a message telling me that due to security protocol off Cox's partners I can not watch Contour on my larger TV from my mobile device. Can anyone help me?