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Why aren't replies to my posts in these forums ever to be found in Cox mail?

First, a confession that I don't use Cox email. At all. Ever. For me it's just like the phone service I pay for with still no telephonic device in my residence---but without this extra "benefit" feature my Cox bill would be substantially higher than it is.

That said, as a regular visitor to the forums here I find it odd, that even though I've set up my Cox email account to receive notifications of replies to posts made here on the forums, despite having checked the box below all forum posts designating "Email me replies to this post", they are nowhere to be found in my Cox mail. I will also admit that it isn't too great an effort to check in on these forums to discover that there are, in fact, replies to questions/issues/posts made here. It might also be that I am misinformed or naïve in the belief in my expectation that replies would automatically be forwarded to my Cox email account.

Cox App Suite

UI version: 7.8.2 Rev28
Server version: 7.8.2-Rev35

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A couple of other questions which may or may not have any relevance to this topic but of which I am, as a Cox paid subscriber, curious about:

while in: setting there is a box, checked, with "Ask for mailto link registration" What specifically does that setting do?

Also, while in the "Edit mail account" account setting, UNchecked is a box labeled "Use unified mail for this account". What does this setting do?

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    Hi, Mailto is used to produce hyperlinks on websites that allow users to send an email to a specific address without first having to copy it and enter it into an email client.  An example is this [ If i click on a mailto link (ex. it will open outlook and start a new email to].   

    The  "Use unified mail for this account" setting, what that does is combine multiple email accounts into the same inbox.  For instance, if I have my Cox, Gmail, and Yahoo accounts on my computer, checking that box will merge them together as one inbox.  

    I hope this helps to explain those options. 

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    I'm still unclear as to why replies to my posts are not emailed to my Cox mail account. Wouldn't that setting in and of itself suffice to initiate correspondence?

  • Hi Chaloots,

    The problem lies in a bug affecting the Cox Forums. The "Email me replies to this post" functionality is not working. We are currently working with our Forums vendor to restore this functionality.
  • aaahhhh...

    thank you becky.

    i've been noticing the same thing. nice to know it's not operator error!

  • ok becky.  it's been a while now.  i automatically have MY posts sent to me, but not subsequent posts in the same thread .

    i know WE are expected to pay OUR bill to cox when they don't deliver...

    but is cox still paying this 3rd party outfit when THEY don't deliver?

    i.e. is cox as stupid as we are??